What do we do here at BOSMA?

We create products that enhance the lifestyle of our customers. We protect the things that matter most giving our customers peace of mind.

Franklin Zeng


The BOSMA Story

For the past 20 years Bosma has been dedicated to the designing, manufacturing and marketing of optoelectronic products, including Telescopes, Binoculars, Rifle Scope, Laser Rangefinder and Night Vision. Most of these products are being exported to both US and European markets on OEM & ODM basis.  As a global company we strive to produce the best products for our customers. 

In 2016 we established our presence in the United States with an office in Fremont, California. Since then we have been working on cutting edge technology in the smart home field. These technologies include WiFi security cameras(indoor, outdoor, P&T, wire free), smart doorbells, door sensors, Smart sockets & plugs, and smart scales.

As we continue to research and innovate new products with our consumers in mind, we strive for excellence in our products and the support that we give our customers.


Over the past decade, our company has developed military grade optics that have been trusted by the US government. Building on this technology, we have recently developed and launched a consumer series of connected cameras: AccessCam, FrontierCam, InCam and GripCam.

The BOSMA smart home cameras enable you to connect to your family, pets, and home. When you are away, we will make sure you never lose sight of what matters most to you.

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